You’re Booked!… What Now?


Congrats! You are on my calendar and I’m just as excited as you are!

Here are a few helpful tips for your upcoming photo shoot to get you feeling confident and prepared. 

1. Location. We likely know what type of shoot we will be doing by now, but let’s decide on what type of location. Speak with me about what “look” you are going for. I can give you location recommendations which will also help you decide on your outfit!

2. InspirationFeel free to share images with me that inspire you and have the feel and qualities you are looking for. I want to be on the same page with what you want to achieve – keeping in mind, of course, that your shoot will naturally reflect the style of my photography portfolio.

3. What to wearWe may be walking quite a bit and we will definitely be moving around! Choose something that you are comfortable in and feel attractive in no matter how you sit, walk or stand. If you won’t be alone in these photos try to harmonize (but not matching all the same) colors that go well together with others in your group. Avoid pin stripes, logos, busy patterns and matching each other too much.

4. DetailsAccessories are great! Hats, scarves, bow ties, bracelets, etc! They can easily be added or removed for different shots. Be careful to also make sure you are all touched up for your shoot. From the roots of your hair, to your bra straps, to your toe nail polish! It may be small, but yes, the camera will see it! I am experienced in Photoshop and will use it when necessary but it can be very difficult and time consuming to fix certain details. Finally, bring a few things to touch you up during the shoot. A comb, lip gloss, or tissues can be very helpful and make a big difference!

5. Fur Babies. Definitely welcome! If you plan to bring a pet (or 2 or 3), make sure to bring along a helper. Someone who can watch or walk them while we take pictures that don’t include the pets.


For Families

Besides the tips above –  Here are a few extras for all the beautiful families!

  • Prepare your kids by telling them this will be a fun experience! And it will be! We will be taking a few posed pictures (fewer depending on the children’s ages), and we will be taking many more natural pictures. I love to bring snacks and treats to use as bribes, and bubbles or other fun props to use in the photos. Especially, during the second half of our shoot when most young children begin to lose interest.
  • Bring a change of clothes for the children if they are very young. I love to capture kids in their natural state and I am happy to photograph them just being themselves! So, depending on our location there is always the possibility of jumping in puddles, chasing waves or rolling in the grass! (Don’t worry, we will try to save any messy shots for the end of the shoot!)
  • Posing. Don’t… Unless, I ask you to. There will be a few posed photos, but I mainly love to capture the love! No need to coax the kids into fake smiles or “cheesing”. I will direct them and ask for parents’ help if necessary. So, just relax! Laugh, play and tickle! Let’s capture some real moments!

After Your Session

  • Turn around time. Your gallery is typically ready within 1-3 weeks, depending on the time of year.
  • Delivery. All galleries are delivered through a temporary online gallery. It is password protected and you can share with whomever you wish. From there you will…  Choose your photos by “favoriting” them; along with any additional images you would like to purchase. (Let me know when you are done.) Then, after any additional transactions have gone through your gallery will be opened up for downloading, and ordering prints/photo products. Lastly, I will mail you USB flash drive with all of your chosen images.
  • Enjoy your photos by printing! You are free to keep all of your images digital, but I HIGHLY recommend printing most or all of your photos in some way shape or form! A printed photo has so much tangible value, especially when you see it everyday on your wall! Because you will have printing rights and a usb drive, you can print your photos anywhere. But another thing I HIGHLY recommend is ordering prints through your online gallery! I order all of my personal prints from the same photo lab you would be getting your’s from. The quality is top notch! Please, don’t do your images the injustice of printing from Walmart, Walgreens, etc. A pro photo lab is the way to go!


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